Difference Between a Hyphen and a Dash

By eContent Pro on Feb 6, 2017
Difference Between a Hyphen and a Dash

Hyphens and dashes are punctuation marks that are easy to get confused. We will look at the primary use of each of these marks below.

Use of a Hyphen

A hyphen is used to connect words that are directly related. These words usually function as a single concept or work together. They are also used to show a period of time.

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Use of a dash

There are two types of dashes that you can use, the em dash and the en dash. The em dash is one of the most versatile punctuation marks in the English language, while the en dash is solely used to show a span or range of time, dates, and numbers.

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Final Thoughts on the Difference Between a Hyphen and a Dash

We have written detailed posts on the uses of a hyphen and the uses and types of dashes, which you can review by clicking on the links above.

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