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eContent Pro’s Business Enterprise Account allows you to upload and manage all your orders in one central location. There are no fees, recurring costs, or minimum order requirements.

By obtaining a Business Enterprise Account, you gain the capability to generate department-specific logins and assign varying permission levels to users, enabling them to upload jobs or assist in workload management. You can upload manuscripts individually and obtain an accurate quote, which will be invoiced on a monthly basis. During our editing process, you can track and manage your orders by monitoring the progress of each manuscript and its corresponding stage. Additionally, you can conveniently access previous manuscripts whenever necessary.

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Quickly upload multiple orders at once and receive an exact quote immediately after each upload.

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Review and submit newly uploaded orders, then track their progress throughout the editing process.

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Receive an email notification immediately after your order is completed, and download your final, edited documents.

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Add new company addresses, and create new users with different permission levels to help manage your workload.

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