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We invite industry leaders to host a live recorded presentation on pressing issues and new discoveries pertaining to knowledge innovation, research, writing, and publishing. Through these webinars, you will:

  • Learn from well-known faculty and researchers as they share their knowledge and experiences on a variety of timely topics and discipline-specific issues.
  • Connect with recognized leaders in the publishing, library, and research fields.
  • Understand how to optimize publishing processes, improve your researching and writing skills, streamline processes, and equip yourself with trending knowledge.
  • Stay abreast of trending topics.

We are currently accepting proposals from prospective webinar hosts! For more information, please contact our Communications Coordinator, Courtney Mengel, at cmengel@econtentpro.com.


How to Harness the Power of Social Media to Increase the Discoverability of Your Research

Co-Hosted By: eContent Pro and IGI Global
Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Time: 10 A.M. EST

This webinar was tailored to researchers, academicians, and professionals seeking to amplify the impact and citation rates of their published research as well as generate visibility and collaboration opportunities for their research-in-progress. Featured panelists shared insights, tips, and best practices on how to effectively select social media platforms, develop impactful and shareable content, increase engagement and create a following, and track and assess results.

Will AI Reviewers Replace Human Reviewers in Peer Review Processes?

Co-Hosted By: eContent Pro and IGI Global
Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2023
Time: 10 A.M. EST

There is much controversy surrounding whether AI-dependent review can replace human-dependent review. Many would argue that the human-dependent peer review is inequitable and suffers from a level of injustice and bias, while at the same time, AI can’t do critical thinking like humans can and is derived from algorithms that very often can be biased as well. The reality is that in an era where research results become dated quite quickly, authors cannot afford to wait long for the publication of their research, and much of the long delays are typically caused by reliance on the current human-dependent peer review process. During this webinar, experts in the field share their insights on this possible transition and some of the implementation possibilities, opportunities and drawbacks, ethical concerns, and other topics surrounding AI in peer review.

The Impact of Open Access Publishing on Researchers: Benefits & Pitfalls

Hosted by: eContent Pro
With Special Guests From IGI Global
Date: Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Time: 10 A.M. EST

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and evolving academic publishing trends, eContent Pro has consistently strived to remain at the forefront of supporting researchers, scholars, and institutions in their pursuit of disseminating knowledge effectively and efficiently.

Open access publishing has emerged as a transformative force in the academic world, reshaping how research is shared, accessed, and utilized. As a leading editorial services provider, we recognize the critical importance of staying informed about these changes and facilitating meaningful discussions around them.

Our commitment to serving the academic community extends beyond our core services, and we believe in fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities posed by open access publishing. During this webinar, we aimed to provide a platform for dialogue, insight, and collaboration among researchers, educators, publishers, and all stakeholders interested in the future of academic publishing. We explored the dynamic landscape of open access publishing and discussed its potential benefits and pitfalls. We shed light on the implications for researchers, helping them navigate this evolving terrain and make informed decisions about how to disseminate their work.

Please view the recorded webinar below:

ChatGPT Uprising: Provocative Perspectives on its Role in Higher Education

Co-Hosted By: eContent Pro and IGI Global
Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2023
Time: 10 A.M. EST

In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid evolution in the capabilities of AI, particularly in the field of natural language processing. One remarkable breakthrough that has captured our imagination is the advent of ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT has demonstrated its ability to engage in meaningful conversations, answer complex queries, and even generate creative content, mimicking human-like interactions like never before.

This webinar aimed to dive deep into the potential implications of ChatGPT's emergence and explore the question: How can this powerful AI tool reshape the landscape of higher education? We challenged preconceived notions, stimulated intellectual discourse, and pushed the boundaries of our understanding.

We brought together a distinguished panel of experts, researchers, and educators who have dedicated themselves to exploring the impact of AI in education. They presented their provocative perspectives, shared insights from their groundbreaking research, and engaged in lively discussions to shed light on the benefits, challenges, and ethical considerations surrounding ChatGPT's integration into higher education.

Please view the recorded webinar below:

Navigating the World of Scholarly Publishing: How to Get Your Work Published and Recognized

What Impact Does Diversity Have on Combating Predatory Publishing?

Hosted by: Colby Conway, Managing Editor of Journal Development at IGI Global
Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Time: 2 P.M. EST

As a strong advocate for raising the ethical industry standard and providing quality resources to the academic community, IGI Global hosted this webinar in conjunction with the Fourth Peer Review Week, which took place on September 10-15, 2018. With the emergence of predatory publishing, authors, libraries, and institutions are questioning the ethical standards of each publishing outlet and company. While the peer review process may seem granular in a vacuum, in that Editors-in-Chief just randomly select reviewers, there are various methods to increase the effectiveness of the peer review process, namely increasing the diversity among the members of the review board.

Regardless of the type of peer review, it’s the responsibility of ethical publishing houses to optimize, enforce, and diversify the peer review process. Colby Conway, Managing Editor of Journal Development at IGI Global, highlighted the ethical standards of the double-anonymized peer review process and how increasing diversity can combat predatory publishing.

Topics covered:
  • Peer Review
  • Publishing Process
  • Increasing Diversity Among Reviewers and Review Boards
  • Journal Indexing
  • Responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief

Please view the recorded webinar below:

Navigating the World of Scholarly Publishing: How to Get Your Work Published and Recognized

How are Predatory Publishers Preying on Uninformed Scholars? Don’t Be a Victim

Hosted by: Dr. Varun G. Menon
Date: Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Time: 2 P.M. EST

One of the biggest concerns in the academic community are the threats of predatory publishers. As publishing is an essential aspect of an academic’s career, often being linked to promotions and tenure, many academics are faced with the harsh reality of “publish or perish.” Due to this reality, many are falling prey to “hijacked journals,” which are journals that are legitimate and credible, but someone else has created fraudulent websites created under their name to turn a profit.

These fake websites will offer academics the ability to publish their research for a fee, and they will even use industry-standard tactics to recruit contributors, including sending out Call for Papers. As such it is an ongoing challenge for researchers to realize when a journal is hijacked, and numerous researchers and authors around the world have lost money and credibility due to hijacked journals.

This webinar, hosted by Dr. Varun Menon from the SCMS School of Engineering and Technology in India, equipped viewers with the tools to recognize when a journal is hijacked, as well as showcased how researchers can protect themselves from this growing threat that is taking place in India and abroad. Additionally, Kathleen Berryman, Project Manager, from Cabells joined alongside Dr. Menon and shared her knowledge on identifying hijacked journals and the tools that are available.

Cabells Scholarly Analytics
Topics covered:
  • Ethics
  • Publish or Perish
  • Publishing Venues
  • Predatory Publishing
  • Academic Integrity
  • Open Access
  • Publishing Credibility
  • Website Security

Please view the recorded webinar below:

Navigating the World of Scholarly Publishing: How to Get Your Work Published and Recognized

Navigating the World of Scholarly Publishing: How to Get Your Work Published and Recognized

Hosted by: IGI Global
Date: Thursday, April 26, 2018
Time: 10 A.M. EST

The ubiquitous expression, “publish or perish”, is still going strong with no end in sight. For any researcher or academic, publishing is of the utmost importance for career progression. Whether you are just completing your degree, a new post-graduate, or an experienced academic, understanding why publishing is important along with how to effectively approach it is a major step toward success. IGI Global will explain the key benefits of publishing and the steps one must take to pursue a publication idea - including the process of conceptualizing and submitting a publication proposal.

IGI Global’s Managing Director, Managing Editors, and Acquisitions Team will cover topics such as the publishing workflow, what to expect from the peer review process, and how to use an online submission system. The editorial team will also be joined by authors and editors who will share their own personal experiences, such as IGI Global editor, Dr. Drew Polly from the University of North Carolina - Charlotte, USA, who has co-edited recent works such as, Innovative Practices in Teacher Preparation and Graduate-Level Teacher Education Programs. Attendees will also benefit from tips on how to get their work widely recognized and indexed once it is published.

Topics covered:
  • Importance of Publishing
  • Preparing a Publication Proposal
  • Publication Formats
  • Peer Review Process
  • Recruiting Contributors for Edited Projects
  • COPE & Publication Ethics
  • Copyright & Open Access
  • Online Submission Systems
  • Indexing & Abstracting
  • Increasing Visibility

Please view the recorded webinar below:

Navigating the World of Scholarly Publishing: How to Get Your Work Published and Recognized

Is It Time to Banish the Blacklist? A Practical Guide to Combating Predatory Publishing

Hosted by: Dr. Jeremy Horne (International Institute of Informatics and Systemics, USA)
Date: February 15, 2018
Time: 2 P.M. (EST)

These days, the academic community is being threatened by the rise of predatory publishing. Through the predatory publishing model, research is being published without going through a peer review process, for a profit, leading to the contamination of the greater body of knowledge. Dr. Jeremy Horne analyzes how researchers and librarians can come together to combat this ongoing problem and outlines active steps researchers and librarians can take to ensure a higher standard of peer review is implemented.

For librarians, he will challenge you to rethink your publication selection criteria. For researchers, he will make you re-evaluate how you select legitimate publishing outlets and how to avoid becoming a victim of these predatory publishers.

Dr. Jeremy Horne is the editor of the best-selling IGI Global publication Philosophical Perceptions on Logic and Order. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Florida State University in 1988, concentrating in political philosophy, logic, the history of philosophy, and philosophy of education. He also holds a Masters in political science from Southern Connecticut State University and a bachelors from the Johns Hopkins University. He is president emeritus of the Southwest Area Meeting (division) of the American Association for the Advancement of Science... View full bio here.

This webinar is in partnership with Against the Grain (ATG), a source for the latest news about libraries, publishers, book jobbers, and subscription agents. Please find Dr. Horne’s full article, “How Information Scientists Can Help Fix the Broken Peer Review Process,” on this topic in ATG’s February Issue in IGI Global’s column: “Optimizing Library Services.” For more information on IGI Global’s collaboration with Against the Grain, please click here.

Please view the recorded webinar below:

Navigating the World of Scholarly Publishing: How to Get Your Work Published and Recognized

Tapping the Limitless Potential of Multicultural Collaboration

Hosted by: Professor Nancy D. Erbe (California State University, USA) and Dr. Anthony H. Normore (California State University, USA)
Date: February 26, 2015
Time: 4 P.M. (EST)

Today's technologies have changed the way we communicate, allowing new opportunities for global collaboration never before thought possible. However, confronting and attempting to master cross-cultural communication can be intimidating.

In the February edition of IGI Global’s Online Educational Symposium Series, California State University professors Nancy Erbe and Anthony Normore address a variety of approaches along with several practical tools that improve cross-cultural effectiveness. Including the latest from the emerging interdisciplinary field of negotiation, conflict resolution, and peace-building, as well as educational leadership, the presenters will critique existing barriers and provide case studies from around the world, showing how organizations are more effectively addressing the needs of those underserved.

Presenting research from the editors' forthcoming title Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Leadership in Modern Organizations, as well as Professor Erbe's April publication Approaches to Managing Organizational Diversity and Innovation, this presentation will introduce and explain several of the most important tools and perspectives offered in this area.

View the recorded presentation!

Navigating the World of Scholarly Publishing: How to Get Your Work Published and Recognized

Who will be the Leaders in Global Learning?

Hosted by: Dr. Robert Hogan, Walden University
Date: July 5, 2012
Time: 11 A.M. (UTC/GMT) +10 hours

At the onset of distance learning, U.S. universities were the recognized world leaders, having technological advantages due to connectivity and access to computers. That gap is rapidly shrinking as new technology is creating a new transnational distance-learning market. This presentation discusses why global education is the next distance-learning leap, why the race will be more furious, and why the new competitors will be from North and South America, Asia, Europe, and even Africa. This presentation also addresses opportunities for universities, as well as risks they will face from foreign universities. This presentation is based on Dr. Hogan's work throughout the South Pacific over the last decade and his book, Transnational Distance Learning and Marketing Opportunities for Universities.

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Online Collaborative Integration: Working Across Disciplines

Presenters: Dr. Janet Salmons, Vision2lead, Inc. and Capella University, USA and Dr. Lynn Wilson, SeaTrust Institute, USA

Discussed fundamental questions of the collaborative process including why and how individuals collaborative, as well as examples of online collaboration in educational and workplace contexts.

View the recorded presentation! | View Dr. Salmons and Dr. Wilson's book Web site