Figure, Table, Chart, and Equation Conversions

eContent Pro International’s highly qualified design experts will provide quality corrections, improvements, and/or conversions to visual elements within your document or presentation in order to adhere to the submission requirements of a publisher and/or to increase the professional appearance of the document or presentation. Visual elements include items such as figures, tables, charts, and equations. Improve the integrity of your work and ensure that your data is being accurately represented!

Turnaround Time and Cost

Turnaround times for all work will vary based on the complexity of the figure, table, chart, or equation. All jobs will be reviewed, and an estimated cost will be provided to the author before any work can begin.

Submit the Request a Quote form and an eContent Pro International® representative will provide a custom quote based on your project specifications.

eContent Pro’s design and math configuration experts will correct the following:

  • Figure design, enhancement, and correction for clarity.
  • Image editing, color correction, and sizing/resolution modifications.
  • Raw data transformations into graphs, charts, and tables.
  • Equation conversions to MathType or Microsoft’s Equation Editor.
  • Presentation illustration including animation, slide design services (in Microsoft PowerPoint), and poster design.


Our highly qualified design experts will improve the clarity, formatting, and overall quality of the visual elements within your document or presentation, which may include resizing, restyling, conversions, and/or recreation, among others.

Below are samples of our design experts’ quality work:

Chart Samples

Low Contrast Image Enhanced

Blurry Chart Sharpened

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