English Language Copy Editing

Our expert copy editors, with over 70 years of combined experience, will provide complete and comprehensive care for your document by resolving all issues with spelling, punctuation, grammar, terminology, jargon, semantics, syntax, consistency, flow, and more. In addition, they will format your document to the style you specify (APA, Chicago, etc.).

The turnaround time for all work is 3 to 6 business days. The standard cost of full service English language copy editing is US$ .04 per word. Furthermore, eContent Pro International® offers 50% reduced cost for re-editing within one year.

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Certificate of Completion
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Satisfaction Guarantee
We are committed to customer satisfaction for every service we provide.

If customers are not satisfied they have 48 hours from the date of completion of the job to contact eContent Pro International® for their work to be reviewed by the original copy editor with no additional cost to the customer.

50% Off Revisions
Discounted rate for revised manuscripts requiring additional rounds of editing.

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Delivery Time
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6 Business Days (Standard)
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Standard Full Service English Language Copy Editing

Under our standard full service English language copy editing, our copy editors will address a complete range of potential issues with your document:

Expedited (Express) Full Service English Language Copy Editing

Under our expedited full service English language copy editing, our copy editors will provide the same services as the standard full service English language copy editing, except the timing for processing your order can be performed under the following options based on the size of your document to ensure quality service:

1-10,000 Words

  • 1 Business Day Completion Time: US$ 8 Cents per Word
  • 2 Business Day Completion Time: US$ 6 Cents per Word
  • 3 Business Day Completion Time: US$ 5.2 Cents per Word

10,001-20,000 Words

  • 2 Business Day Completion Time: US$ 8 Cents per Word
  • 3 Business Day Completion Time: US$ 6 Cents per Word
  • 4 Business Day Completion Time: US$ 5.2 Cents per Word

20,001-30,000 Words

  • 3 Business Day Completion Time: US$ 8 Cents per Word
  • 4 Business Day Completion Time: US$ 6 Cents per Word
  • 5 Business Day Completion Time: US$ 5.2 Cents per Word

Over 30,000 Words

If your project exceeds 30,000 words, contact us for cost and delivery options.

Continued Commitment

At eContent Pro International®, we are committed to offering the highest quality services and customer attention to authors as they strive to get their work published. As part of this ongoing commitment, if a manuscript that has undergone the professional copy editing and/or proofreading services of eContent Pro International® has been revised after submitting it to a publisher and is in need of an additional round of copy editing and/or proofreading services, eContent Pro International® will provide the next round of copy editing or proofreading at a 50% discount.

Documents We Accept

We edit virtually every type of document, including, but not limited to:

Our Copy Editors Have Experiences and a Familiarity with the House Styles of Scholarly Publishers Across the Globe, such as:


Our professional copy editors will check your document with line-by-line precision for grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, textual structure, and a complete range of other issues.

By editing your document to adhere to your publisher's house style, eContent Pro International® will save you time when preparing materials for submission, expediting the peer-review process and chances for acceptance into an established publication.

eContent Pro International's English Language Copy Editing Team

With over 70 years of combined editorial experience and an established track record of satisfied customers, our expert copy editors are the some of the best in the business and will provide the highest level of precision and care for your document. Meet our team to learn more about their experience and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

*Disclaimer: Please note that while utilizing any of the services offered by eContent Pro International® will increase the clarity and overall quality of the manuscript, it is still ultimately at the discretion of the publication’s leadership and/or the publishing house to determine if a manuscript is accepted for publication. As such, eContent Pro International® does not guarantee acceptance.

"eContent Pro’s staff was responsive on the phone and email, and quickly responded to all questions and concerns."
-Prof. Vicki McGinley, West Chester University, USA
"I found the work actually spectacular. The editing, formatting, and other checks were very thorough. The turnaround time was great as well. I will definitely use eContent Pro in the future."
-Nickanor Amwata, Lecturer, University of Kurdistan Hawler, Iraq
"Working with eContent Pro is easy and straightforward. I was quickly given cost and time estimates for my job and my edited manuscript was completed when promised… I was pleased with the result."
-Frances Phillips, Program Director, Arts and the Creative Work Fund, Walter & Elise Haas Fund
"Fast, efficient and of high quality. I’m impressed and happy with this service."
-Prof. Raihanah Azahari, University of Malaya, Malaysia
"First time using a copy editor. Thank you for the positive experience."
-Prof. Elaine Gale, Hunter College, USA
"The service was very fast, very thorough, and very helpful in ensuring our chapter meets the criteria and requirements of the book's editors. I was quite impressed and happy with your service."
-Prof. Tom Brinthaupt, Middle Tennessee State University, USA
"The service was quick and very precise. I was very surprised when I got the corrections in less than a week in my mailbox."
-Prof. Claudia Lisa Moeller, Università Vita Salute San Raffaele, Italy
"I was especially impressed by your quick and adequate response, as well as the very easy way to ensure payment."
-Prof. Anton Van Vollenhoven, Northwest University, Mafikeng Campus, South Africa
"Fast, fair, and flawless."
-Prof. Mette Wichmand, Roskilder University, Denmark
"Quality of work is very high, and communication is very attentive and respectful. If somebody asks me where it is possible to do professional copy editing, I'll willingly recommend your services."
-Prof. Tatiana Margaryan, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia
"A pleasant surprise."
-Prof. Guido Migliaccio, University of Sannio, Italy
"Good editing and a timely delivery. It allowed me to take into account aspects of the journal that I had not considered, and that will be very important in the review."
-Prof. Pedro Castaneda, National University of San Marcos, Peru
"I've felt so comfortable while and after contacting eContent Pro. They are fast in responding, and I received a high quality of editing for my manuscript in unexpected time. Thanks a lot for the great eContent Pro team."
-Dr. Sherouk J, e-Institute for 21st Century Skills, Germany
"eContent Pro’s translators have helped IGI Global localize promotional writings and translate critical communications for our global distribution partners. Always accurate, timely, and backed up with excellent customer service."
-Nick Newcomer, Director of Marketing, IGI Global
"Working with the eContent Pro team has been a pleasure. Documents are translated expediently and effectively, and any questions that arise are answered promptly by their personable, friendly team. I highly recommend."
-Caroline Campbell, Promotions Coordinator, IGI Global
"I am very pleased with the editing procedure both in terms of quality and time. I would recommend eContent Pro services because of the professionalism and the quality of work!"
-Dr. Joanna Rodiki Petrides, Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus, TESOL international Association
"You made very qualified work. It was a pleasure working with you. Next time I will definitely use your services."
-Olga Tikhomirova, University of ITMO, Saint Petersburg, Russia
"I am impressed working with eContent Pro International. Copy editing was done professionally and quickly. I will recommend the service to my colleagues."
-Associate Professor Gainiya Tazhina – University of International Business – Almaty, Kazakhstan
"The eContent Pro service was fast, accurate, and thorough. Their feedback helped to improve the quality of our manuscript. I would use them again for future writing projects."
-Prof. Elena Sandoval-Lucero, Community College of Aurora, USA
"I’m happy because the reviewer has some knowledge on the subject of the text, and that undoubtedly facilitated the accuracy of his review."
-Dr. Jesus Romero, University of Cantabria, Spain
"The turnaround time was amazing and much appreciated. And I have another manuscript that will need editing in the future and I will check here first for editing."
-Dr. Dianne Zielinski, Hudson Valley Community College, New York, USA
"The work undertaken was of a very high standard, excellent turn around time and we have a far better document as a result."
-Mark Jarman, Principal Consultant, R4Risk
"The copy editing services provided by eContent Pro are fast, efficient, and of high quality. I can recommend them to any person or organization requiring quick turnaround and accuracy."
-Dr. Bryan Christiansen, Chief Executive Officer, Tactical Systems, LLC, USA
"Quick and professional."
-Prof. Carlos Ballesteros, Universidad Pontificia Comillas Madrid, Spain
"Excellent job. I recommend researchers to experience eContent Pro’s high-quality services."
-Dr. Mahmoud Jazzar, Royal University for Women, Kingdom of Bahrain
"I am happy with the work and will be pleased to recommend eContent Pro to others. I am also planning to use your services for my other research articles which are under process."
-Prof. Etayankara Muralidharan, MacEwan University, Canada
"Recently, I utilized eContent Pro Copy Editing to complete a copy editing job. Editing was very thorough and they completed my article in three days."
-Sura Searan, University of Anbar, Iraq
"My eContent Pro editor was invaluable both for correcting my citations and instructing me on the format for references. Also, I appreciated how quickly my job was completed."
-Frances Phillips, Program Director, Arts and the Creative Work Fund, Walter & Elise Haas Fund
"Timely, informative, and positive."
-Prof. William White, University of Charleston, USA
"I used some other proofreading services on many other occasions, but in the future, I will use yours, because I was really satisfied."
-Prof. Polona Jančič, University in Maribor, Slovenia
"My experience with eContent Pro was pleasant and effective. I was given a warm welcoming and a sense of appreciation."
-Dr. Bessie Bowser, Founder and President of Khayruh Enterprises
"eContent Pro is excellent for copy editing. Thank you for your attention."
-Prof. Hale İnci Öztürk, Selçuk University, Turkey
"Quality language editing services at an affordable price! Simply the best!!!"
-Prof. Rex Bringula, University of the East, Philippines
"Your work was excellent and helped us to have the article published."
-Prof. Maria José D. Martins, Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, Portugal
"eContent Pro provided strong service with a quick turn-around. I was pleased with the quality of their work."
-Prof. Amanda R. Bozack, Associate Professor and Chair, University of New Haven
-Hsiao-Yueh Yu, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
"Quick service and a wonderful editing experience."
-Eileen Dial, Holy Cross College, USA
"I was very impressed with eContent Pro's Copy Editing Service. Markups were clear and consistent across the document: our editor did a great job correcting style manual issues, as well as syntax issues, without disrupting our intent."
-Prof. Jennifer Barker, University of Memphis, USA
"I was impressed that it was done timely, and wherever the content was not clear for the reader, the paper was improved with better readability for the audience."
-Prof. James Chilembwe, Mzuzu University, Malawi
"I am editing a book with IGI Global. I recommend you to Japanese chapter paper authors. I am glad that you could re-edit our revised paper after the referees' review processes."
-Dr. Shigeru IKUTA, Otsuma Women’s University, Tokyo, Japan
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