Journal Profile: Journal of Media Management and Entrepreneurship (JMME)

By Grace Hamburger on Feb 24, 2020
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Journal of Media Management and Entrepreneurship
ISSN: 2577-5103
EISSN: 2577-5111
Established: 2019
Frequency: Semi-Annually

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Publisher: IGI Global

Subject Area: Media & Communication

Overview: The media industry in its broadest term implies on a variety of firms that operate in digital platforms, social media, advertising, entertainment, news, e-services, communication technology and almost every entity that proposes information goods via media platforms. This industry participates in global and regional economic development significantly and its share increases steadily every year.

By lowering entry barriers under the effect of digitization, major players of this industry are small firms and enterprises, and even individual entrepreneurs. Their share in the innovation and development of the media industry is inevitable. However, studies in media entrepreneurship and small media firms have been rare and the majority of studies in the field of media management have been focused on large media organizations. The Journal of Media Management and Entrepreneurship (JMME) aims to shed a light on entrepreneurial activities of media firms and to foster studies in the field of media entrepreneurship and media management. This journal aims to publish original and informative contributions that will benefit to scholars, entrepreneurs, small firms, policy makers, and practitioners in the field of media industry.


  • Advertising Models and New Forms of Income Generation in Media Industry
  • Application of Transaction Cost and Theory of the Firm on Media Enterprises and Markets
  • Competition and Ownership Structure of Media Organizations
  • Competitive Advantages and Dynamic Capabilities of Media Enterprises
  • Consumer Cultures and Media Consumption Habits
  • Digital, Social Media, and Mobile Commerce
  • Emerging Media Markets
  • Entertainment Media, Infotainment and Online Games
  • Entrepreneurial Alertness and Social Sources of Information in Media Stat-Up Creation
  • Media Audience and Attention Economy
  • Media Branding Strategies
  • Media Creative Workers and Talent Management
  • Media Economics: Institutional, Evolutionary and Political Economy of Media
  • Media Entrepreneurship, Definition, Concept and Theories
  • Media Management and Entrepreneurship Teaching
  • Media Platforms Vs Linear Media Businesses
  • Merger and Acquisition in the Media Industry
  • Mobile Applications and E-Services in Digital Media Platforms
  • Open Innovation, User Innovation, Co-Creation, and Value Proposition in Media
  • Public Service Media and Changing Nature of Media Consumption
  • Radical, Incremental and Imitative Innovations in Media Enterprises
  • Regulation and Policy Making to Promote Media Entrepreneurship
  • Research Methods for Media and Entrepreneurship Studies
  • Social Media and Social Network Analysis
  • Strategic Management in Media Organizations
  • Sustainable Business Models and Revenue Models for Media Firms
  • User Generated Content and Media Prosumers (Producer-Consumers)

Editor-In-Chief: Paul Clemens Murschetz (Berlin University of Digital Sciences, Germany)

Mission and Scope: The primary mission of Journal of Media Management and Entrepreneurship (JMME) is to promote the knowledge and understanding about dynamics of managing media organizations in any levels, from small enterprises to media corporations and conglomerates. To this purpose, this journal tends be instrumental in the improvement and development of the theory and practice of media management and entrepreneurship, appealing to both incumbent managers and academics. Also, it educates organizations on how they may benefit from their resources and competencies to discover and exploit business opportunities and overcome challenges. The journal publishes original material concerned with entrepreneurial aspects of media management, as well as how advances in information technologies affect media organizations from the perspective of different stakeholders. Also, review articles, case studies, and industry reports will be accepted and publish in separate sectors.

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