Journal Selection

eContent Pro International’s expert journal selectors will read through your manuscript and provide support in matching it to the most suitable journals across a select list of publishers; identifying the highest level of relevancy and assisting you in selecting the most relevant journal for your manuscript. You’ve invested time in your research, let us invest time in finding the most appropriate publication outlet for your work!*

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Turnaround Time and Cost

Turnaround time is 3 to 5 business days. Standard cost of the journal selection service is US$ .04 per word.

eContent Pro International’s expert journal selectors will provide you with the following:

*Disclaimer: Please note that while utilizing any of the services offered by eContent Pro International® will increase the clarity and overall quality of the manuscript, it is still ultimately at the discretion of the publication’s leadership and/or the publishing house to determine if a manuscript is accepted for publication. As such, eContent Pro International® does not guarantee acceptance.