Introducing eContent Pro's Publishing Services

By Grace Hamburger on Feb 3, 2020
eContent Pro
Introducing eContent Pros Publishing Services

eContent Pro has been providing high-quality and affordable editorial services to the global academic community since 2015. In 2019, we expanded our editorial services to include scientific & scholarly editing, journal recommendation, typesetting, and figures, tables, charts & equations conversions, creating a variety of options to benefit our customers. As a company, eContent Pro is always looking for new ways to support the academic community and grow our service offerings.

With that idea in mind, eContent Pro is pleased to announce that in addition to the quality editorial services we have been offering for more than five years, we will now also be offering full publishing services starting in February 2020. Our publishing services are designed to support every stage of the publication process from idea conceptualization to the final distribution of a manuscript. They will specifically cater to open access (OA) academic and research individuals, non-profit and OA organizations, university presses, as well as commercial publishing houses. Learn the basics of this exciting new service offering.

Who Benefits?

Who can benefit from eContent Pro’s publishing services? In short, here is a list of possible scenarios:

  • Any researcher, scholar, or group who is interested in publishing their work (e.g. book, journal, proceedings) on an Open Access (OA) basis so its content can be accessed free of charge by other scholars around the world.
  • Non-profit and OA organizations interested in working with a very reliable and experienced organization such as eContent Pro to publish their publications on a regular or OA basis.
  • University presses and commercial publishing houses that are interested in streamlining their publishing processes such as the development and typesetting of the publication, allowing them to focus more on the strategic acquisition and visibility of the contents.

eContent Pro publishing services can range from supporting with content review and development to the typesetting and distribution.

Publishing Options

Keeping academic work streamlined and transparent is key and eContent Pro always strives to keep our processes well-defined and open. The full publishing services for researchers interested in the OA option are broken into five efficient phases.

  • Proposal Phase: Submit a book proposal to eContent Pro to review.
  • Peer Review Phase: Once the full manuscript draft is complete, the publication contents will undergo a rigorous blind peer review process to determine acceptance and points for revision.
  • Development Phase: Work with one of eContent Pro’s book development editors in support of all editorial tasks related to the development of the manuscript including the blind review of the manuscript prior to final acceptance and publication. This phase also includes the full complimentary English language copy editing service to refine the final accepted manuscript.
  • Production Phase: Provide typesetting and formatting for the publication including proof reading prior to producing the PDF, ePub, and HTML versions of the final manuscript and then forwarding the typeset manuscript for printing (optional) and distribution (optional) both in print and/or electronic format.
  • Marketing & Distribution Phase (Optional): Benefit from a promotional campaign for the final published work, which includes promotional materials (e.g. brochure, etc.) and communications (e.g. press release, etc.).

We understand that non-profit and OA organizations, as well as university presses and commercial publishing houses, will not need a proposal process and may have their own review system, and as such we offer an à la carte option to these groups on the services listed above. Each facet of the five phases above, including promoting the final publication for global marketing and distribution, is broken down as an individual service from which to choose. These offerings will create an efficient and simple way of outsourcing your publishing needs while meeting the highest standards in the industry, allowing you to put your time and resources elsewhere.

Why Choose Us?

eContent Pro’s publishing services are structured, yet customizable, giving you various options to ensure a desired publishing process. Academic and research individuals interested in publishing under the OA option receive full publishing services with a rigorous blind peer review process from an independent publisher where they can own their copyright and decide what to do with their publication without any restrictions. Meanwhile, non-profit and OA organizations, as well as university presses and commercial publishing houses, can pick and choose à la carte publishing options, saving time and money while benefitting from the professional and personalized services of eContent Pro. We also understand that once a book or journal is published, you may have difficulties deciding what’s next, so we offer optional marketing and distribution services that include a global promotional campaign for your publication.

You will have an open line of communication throughout the entire process (manuscript development, production, proofreading, etc.), offering you the highest standards. Our rigorous editorial process and production procedures ensure that your publication will reach its full potential with support from our experts. Create the exact experience that you desire while benefitting from our experts in the field who will work with you every step of the way.

Please feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions regarding this exciting new service offering. In the meantime, we encourage you to take a look at our list of editorial services we are currently known for such as our English language copy editing!

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