How Our Free Journal Database Can Jumpstart Your Search

By Grace Hamburger on Feb 19, 2020
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How Our Free Journal Database Can Jumpstart Your Search

Abbott and Costello, Ben & Jerry’s, peanut butter and jelly: Everyone loves a dynamic duo. Sometimes two really is better than one, in life and in research. eContent Pro’s Journal Database is launching in February 2020, which gives researchers a searchable online catalogue of Academic journals at absolutely no cost. But this exciting new service is only part one. Pairing perfectly with our journal database is our journal recommendation service, a personalized service which provides you with journal recommendations based on your manuscript. How do these two valuable services work together to create a customized experience for researchers?

The Journal Database

The journal database was created to give Academics a free, single source of over a thousand journals from the highest-quality publications. This collection of Academic journals will cover the entire spectrum of our 11 research areas and all of them are current and accepting submissions. Simply type in your manuscript title, keywords, research area, and a brief 50-word description of your manuscript and our database will generate the most relevant results - it’s that easy! Users will be provided the name and publisher of the journal, as well as the year established, and publication frequency. This journal database is a completely free service available to access at any time. It provides researchers with a catalog of important and vetted journals. This valuable source of information is an easy way for researchers to see which journals pair well with their manuscript, and gets authors started on the right foot with trusted journals that are not predatory. But such a large list can be overwhelming, and the information, while valuable, is not all-encompassing. What’s the next step?

Journal Recommendation

While our journal database gives you a large collection of journals for free, the information it provides only scratches the surface. With eContent Pro’s journal recommendation service, you will submit your manuscript to our expert journal selectors. These experts will then read through your manuscript and find journals best suited for submission using only top-tier, trusted, and current titles. You will be given a minimum of five complete profiles for these journals, which include:

  • Journal title
  • Publisher information
  • Editor-in-chief information
  • Any affiliations
  • Journal description
  • Mission and scope
  • Publication frequency
  • Year established
  • Editorial board review
  • Submission criteria
  • Indexing and abstracting information
  • Open access policy
  • Types of articles accepted
  • Acceptance rate (if applicable)
  • Summaries of similar articles that have been published

These profiles will then be delivered to you for your reference, so you can look at the journals we feel are best fitted for your manuscript and get to submitting as soon as possible!

This in-depth analysis from our journal recommendation service means that you are getting absolutely all the information you need to ensure a smooth submission process. The journal database helps to give you an idea of what’s available, while the journal recommendation narrows your search and provides you with profiles of journals that best match your manuscript. This personal approach to choosing a journal means that you are receiving something that is meant entirely for you. Careful thought goes into each selection, and we only pull accredited and up-to-date journals. Not only do you receive a comprehensive evaluation of each journal, you are also given journals that are most likely to consider your manuscript. Rather than blindly searching the Internet, let eContent Pro pull our resources and save you the time and energy you would use on an endless search.

Are you in the market for a journal for your manuscript? Take advantage of our journal database and our journal recommendation service and let the perfect pairing help you today!

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