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Academic & Professional Translation Service

eContent Pro International provides translation for various key languages around the world, both to and from English. Our expert translators will work to provide a clear cut translation of your document, while maintaining your original meaning and ensuring that your document is accurately and professionally translated.

Standard Translation

Professional translators will provide an accurate, clear-cut translation of your document, while maintaining your original meaning.

This option is suitable for most translation needs, however, it does not include any additional editing of the translated text.

US$ 40 Cents per Word

Premium Translation

Professional translation plus a second level of review to optimize the accuracy of your document. The first review will complete a clear translation of your document into your requested language, and the second review will provide not only proofreading to improve the grammar and flow, but also an in-depth localization of the copy to ensure accurate communication with the target culture.

This option is appropriate for specialized content.

US$ 52 Cents per Word

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Full Service Coverage for Your Document

eContent Pro International provides precise and accurate translation services for your document at an affordable rate. All edits will be performed using Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature, which allows for fast and simple review and management of edits.
Translation Service Coverage

During translation, we will:

  • Ensure correct grammar, word usage, sentence structure, and syntax.
  • Maintain the flow, style, and tone of the original writing in the translated document.
  • Create smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs.
Documents We Accept

We translate virtually every type of document, including, but not limited to:

  • Proposals & RFP's
  • Website Copy
  • Press Releases
  • Product Descriptions
  • Publicity & Blog Posts
  • License Agreements
  • Business Plans
  • Professional Biographies
  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • Contracts

Languages We Translate

Translation from English to Another Language:

  • English to Arabic
  • English to Armenian
  • English to Bengali
  • English to Brazilian Portuguese
  • English to Bulgarian
  • English to Czech
  • English to Dari
  • English to Dutch
  • English to European Portuguese
  • English to Farsi
  • English to Finnish
  • English to Flemish
  • English to French
  • English to French (Canadian)
  • English to German
  • English to Greek
  • English to Hindi
  • English to Hungarian
  • English to Indonesian
  • English to Italian
  • English to Japanese
  • English to Korean
  • English to Madurese
  • English to Malay
  • English to Mandarin
  • English to Persian (Farsi)
  • English to Polish
  • English to Portuguese
  • English to Punjabi
  • English to Romanian
  • English to Russian
  • English to Simplified Chinese
  • English to Spanish
  • English to Swedish
  • English to Traditional Chinese
  • English to Turkish
  • English to Vietnamese

Translation to English:

  • Arabic to English
  • Armenian to English
  • Brazilian Portuguese to English
  • Bulgarian to English
  • Czech to English
  • Dari to English
  • Dutch to English
  • European Portuguese to English
  • Farsi to English
  • Finnish to English
  • Flemish to English
  • French (Canadian) to English
  • French to English
  • German to English
  • Greek to English
  • Hindi to English
  • Hungarian to English
  • Indonesian to English
  • Italian to English
  • Japanese to English
  • Korean to English
  • Madurese to English
  • Malay to English
  • Mandarin to English
  • Norwegian to English
  • Persian (Farsi) to English
  • Polish to English
  • Portuguese to English
  • Punjabi to English
  • Romanian to English
  • Russian to English
  • Simplified Chinese to English
  • Slovak to English
  • Spanish to English
  • Swedish to English
  • Traditional Chinese to English
  • Turkish to English

More Translation Options:

  • French to Brazilian Portuguese
  • French to European Portuguese
  • French to Romanian
  • French to Spanish
  • Hindi to Punjabi
  • Punjabi to Hindi
  • Russian to Czech
  • Spanish to Bulgarian
  • Spanish to European Portuguese
  • Spanish to French
  • Spanish to Russian
  • Turkish to Russian
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