Copy Editing Samples

Our professional copy editors will check your document with line-by-line precision for grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, textual structure, and a complete range of other issues.

By editing your document to adhere to your publisher's house style, eContent Pro will save you time when preparing materials for submission, expediting the peer-review process and chances for acceptance into an established publication.

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Copy Editing Sample 1

3 Page Sample

Considerations Made During Copy Editing

The edits in this first paragraph were suggested in order to streamline the first two sentences and to ease flow for the reader, as well as enforce the spelling and punctuation rules set forth by the publisher of the work.
While this is a strongly written paragraph, there were still a number of edits suggested to further clarify and strengthen the text’s meaning, as well as insert missing punctuation. Additionally, per the publisher’s style manual, the word “Web” is to be capitalized.
The edits in this paragraph were suggested to clarify and strengthen the text’s meaning, creating a better flow for the reader, as well as correcting punctuation throughout.
Here the publisher’s capitalization rules for BPM, BML, and BPMN were honored as well as the corrections of additional punctuation errors. The copy editor also sought to streamline readability.
Since the meaning of this paragraph was difficult to understand, edits were suggested for clarity of meaning.

Copy Editing Sample 2

30 Page Full Document