Interview With Editors of the Recently Released IGI Global Book Women Community Leaders and Their Impact as Global Changemakers

By eContent Pro on Jul 6, 2022

Today, we will introduce a remarkable group of editors who worked on the recently released book Women Community Leaders and Their Impact as Global Changemakers, published by IGI Global with editorial assistance provided by eContent Pro. The editors we are hearing from today are Zirui Yan, MBA (Tsinghua University, China); Sahar Rehman, MBA, MS (Northeastern University, USA); and Dr. Patty Goodman (Northeastern University, USA). Rehman and Yan both graduated from Northeastern University College of Professional Studies, Master’s Program in Corporate and Organizational Communication. Although they attended Northeastern University College of Professional Studies at different times, they both had classes with Professor Patty Goodman. The following interview will provide you with insight into a unique journey that brought three remarkable individuals together to bring this book to the academic community.

eCPro: Can you tell us more about your book Women Community Leaders and Their Impact as Global Changemakers?

Editors: “Women Community Leaders and Their Impact as Global Changemakers is a book that facilitates and promotes people understanding of cultural transformation through mini-cases of women leaders from a wide range of cultures, socio economic backgrounds, yet share many same values,” said Yan. She mentions how the copy editors of eContent Pro were able to elevate the book by directing them to purposely make smaller cases on one major accomplishment achieved by a woman leader and how she was able to overcome the obstacles she faced. “The mini-cases also follow a fixed narrative structure so that the audiences can easily connect one story with another,” she said. The book is suitable for case studies in classrooms or for personal reading, as it provides examples of women’s successes for everyone to reflect and celebrate.

“We are very proud of this project, but one thing that we are most proud of is the diversity that this book presents,” said Rehman. “With around five dozen stories of women, the book has diversity in terms of demographics, geography, expertise, areas of interest, as well as culture. Yet, it's so fascinating that the reader will be able to connect with the stories one way or the other.”

eCPro: What inspired you to begin producing Women Community Leaders and Their Impact as Global Changemakers?

Editors: “A brainstorming session with my co-editors brought us to the realization that there are many brave, courageous, and talented women around the world who are doing unbelievable work. They deserve the spotlight; their stories need to be heard and taken inspiration from,” said Rehman.

The editors also emphasize the cordiality and friendship that formed between them throughout this journey. Yan talks about how her inspiration to work on the book was the people, especially Professor Patty and Sahar, who happened to be in a conference.

eCPro: In your opinion, how do you think your book benefited from eContent Pro professional copy editing and proofreading services?

Editors: “I hadn’t realized how much we as book editors would need to be involved in the final review processes. It was very helpful to have the outside eyes on each chapter to understand how wording could be improved for our target audiences,” said Goodman. She appreciated how eContent Pro’s copy-editing team focused on meeting the right citation requirements and edited chapters to meet the publisher’s guidelines.

Both Yan and Rehman found the copy editing and proofreading process especially important for their work, as it was a complex book with many co-authors, members of an editorial board, and three co-editors. “Having a professional team of copy editors and proofreaders take that piece away and put the mind at ease so you can focus on writing and research,” said Rehman.

Yan focused on the importance of having expert copy editors of the English language when the authors come from diverse backgrounds, especially when these authors were not familiar with academia or had English as a first language. She said that the copy editing and proofreading process not only ensured that the book was following standard guidelines but also “guarantees a great reading experience for the audience.”

eCPro: How did you select eContent Pro as an outlet to have your publication professionally copyedited?

Editors: The editors all mentioned how, through eContent Pro’s collaboration with IGI Global, they were able to easily navigate a complex process. “There was a partnership with IGI Global, our publisher, making the collaboration easy across their eEditorial Discovery (EED) System,” said Goodman.

eCPro: Could you tell us about your experience in working with eContent Pro in having your publication professionally copyedited?

Editors: Even though the book was a complex undertaking with around 60 co-authors and many people involved with the editing process, it was able to be achieved with the help of eContent Pro’s team of copy editors. “eContent Pro is a team of dedicated professionals and scholarly copy editors who are there to help you navigate a complex process of copyediting and proofreading your publication,” said Rehman. “While we were heavily involved throughout the process, the platform and the team at eContent Pro was supportive and organized throughout the project.”

Goodman pointed out that the copy editors provided notes and were open with communicating stylistic differences and helping the editors make decisions that will benefit the book. Even though the editing process was an “overwhelming process,” the team at eContent Pro was supportive and understanding, according to her.

Yan was most grateful about the open line of communication maintained with the copy-editing team. She said the team was prompt in answering questions and addressing a multitude of issues that regularly come up with publishing such complex works. “It was a group effort with a lot of collaboration and eContent did a great job in delivering the work in a timely manner and with a very high standard of professionalism,” she said.

When asked what they would rate eContent Pro services out of ten, all three editors said they would rate our services as a nine, and they all said that they would recommend our services to other people. This is thanks to a committed team of copy editors that put the needs of editors and authors first and work hard to ensure that your manuscript will stand out as a remarkable piece of work, reflecting the time and effort you put into it.

With eContent Pro, you can make sure that your manuscript is reviewed and edited by experienced, English language copy editors. You can use this service whether you have published your work previously or if this is your first time publishing a book or a paper. Our team’s expertise ranges from basic grammar, spelling, punctuation, and terminology to adherence to citation styles and making the writing appear more cohesive. With our help, you will be able to increase your work’s range, as our copy editors have experience with house styles and scholarly publications from all across the globe. Our copy editors edit theses, proposals, essays, book chapters, cover letters, and many more important documents.

To learn more about the process behind the publication of the book, read our recent interview with one of the copy editors, Ms. Cheryl Stewart. To learn more about our various copy editing and proofreading services,visit our website and check out our bundless.

If you are interested in learning more about our partnership with IGI Global, visit their website for more information.

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