Why Diversity Is Important in Scholarly Journals

By Jared Peterman on Apr 10, 2019
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Why Diversity Is Important in Scholarly Journals

When an Editor-in-Chief (EiC) is managing a scholarly journal, there are a million things to consider and make decisions on. One thing that should be imperative on an EiC’s list is diversity across the journal, among its review board members and article contributors. Maintaining diversity improves the overall quality, reputation, and integrity of the journal. Endeavors to increase diversity can of course take time, so why should EiCs actively work toward achieving diversity?

Research can be biased in many facets as it can favor a specific view, not representing a wide enough spectrum. Creating an inclusive, diverse scholarly journal will facilitate a complete and comprehensive representation of the research as it will ensure there aren’t any biases or blind spots in the research. An unbiased scholarly journal will garner an excellent global reputation. Also, while many factors play into the evaluation process for indexing consideration, diversity is one of the most notable, and those journals that have high levels of diversity and inclusivity are those most likely to be indexed by prestigious indexing databases.

Diversity in a scholarly journal can be represented several ways, and EiCs must carefully consider the following categories:


Gender diversity is important because to fully engage a wide audience the journal must reach the entire gender spectrum. Women aren’t well represented on big corporate boards and the same can be said for editorial boards at times. An EiC should seek research and editorial direction from all genders to enhance the overall reach and status of the journal.

International Representation

Having a strong international presence among the review board and contributors is important in a scholarly journal because the EiC should want the research to be multicultural and applicable to various regions all over the world. When appointing review board members and/or recruiting contributors, the EiC should consider networking to global groups to maximize the reach of the journal and expand the research within the field.

Ethnic and Cultural Diversity

Like gender, having ethnic and cultural diversity among the review board and contributors is important because it connects to a wider spectrum and enhances the journal’s reputation and reach. Different cultures have different ways of using and interpreting research across a multitude of fields.


Age diversity among reviewers and contributors is also an important factor. Whether an early career researcher or a more seasoned researcher who has been in the field for decades, each person should be treated the same.

So Where Do We Go From Here?

Ensuring diversity across a broad spectrum can be challenging, but the investment will pay off through the overall reputation of the journal among the research community.

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