What GetFTR Means for Journal Article Access

By Grace Hamburger on Dec 20, 2019
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What GetFTR Means for Journal Article Access

STM Week is a three-day event hosted by the STM Association, where publication innovations are shared with peers and professionals from all over the world. This year, the announcement of Get Full Text Research (GetFTR) made a major splash. Backed by five of the biggest names in Academic publishing, GetFTR aims to enable streamlined access to journal articles for researchers. But what exactly is GetFTR, how does it work, and what does this new system mean for you and your research?

What is GetFTR?

GetFTR was developed by American Chemical Society, Elsevier, Springer Nature, Taylor and Francis Group and Wiley, while other publishers and providers are encouraged to take part. It was created with the purpose of streamlining the research process by immediately connecting researchers with up-to-date journal articles. Thus, GetFTR is a service where Academic articles are found and provided to you at absolutely no cost. The pilot is scheduled to launch in early 2020 and is completely free to all users.

How It Works

Whether at home, in a library, or on the go, researchers can access GetFTR anywhere. After integrating your researching platform with GetFTR, you will be redirected to your institution and asked to log in. Once logged in, you are given full access to published journal articles that are current, vetted, and relevant to your search specifications. You simply search as normal and GetFTR will deliver the complete article to you, with no need for additional software or updates. Articles found with this service will be indicated by the GetFTR indicator. For researchers with no affiliation or licensed access, access may still be provided alternatively, such as a preprint or read-only version (depending on the publisher).

What This Means for Your Research

The research process is painstaking, and the more thorough your research, the longer it can take. Not to mention how many times a seemingly perfect article appears during a search, only for its contents to be blocked to a scholar. GetFTR was developed to help solve this problem. This huge collection of vetted Academic articles being made available using one system is impressive, as this makes the research process more accessible and reliable. Researchers are given an opportunity to not only find valuable information in one fell swoop, but they are also being given this information directly and immediately. Search preferences are also recorded, so the more searches conducted, the more relevant and personalized GetFTR becomes.

The impending launch of GetFTR will help to make the researching process easy, fast, and free. Once your research is ready and your manuscript is written, eContent Pro is here to make things even easier. With our English language copy editing service, your work will be thoroughly analyzed for issues involving spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and flow. Take a breath and let us give your work the comprehensive care it deserves!

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