Mark Your Calendars for Peer Review Week

By Jared Peterman on Sep 11, 2019
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Peer Review Week 2019

The fifth annual Peer Review Week is quickly approaching with the theme in 2019 being “Quality in Peer Review”. Peer Review Week is a global event celebrating the importance that peer review plays in the role of the publishing process to maintain quality among research. Peer Review Week will take place Sept. 16-20. Academics are encouraged to participate and contribute to Peer Review Week.

The Peer Review Week committee consists of 40 individuals from 28 organizations, but all authors and researchers are encouraged to participate in a variety of ways. Authors and researchers are encouraged to host a webinar, run a workshop, organize a panel discussion, write a blog post, or even film a short video explaining why peer review is important. If you have further ideas of how to contribute, e-mail using the subject line "Peer Review Week" with a brief description of your idea.

Engaging with Peer Review Week and spreading the word through social media are essential. To participate on social media, follow @PeerRevWeek on Twitter and use the hashtags: #QualityInPeerReview and #PeerRevWk19. Also, be sure to check out the Peer Review Week YouTube channel that features brief videos discussing important topics involving peer review.

As an editorial service provider to academics across the world, eContent Pro values the peer review process. Having your manuscript professionally copy edited and reviewed by an expert in your research area are essential parts of the peer review process. What better way is there to celebrate Peer Review Week than submitting your manuscript for English language copy editing or Scientific & Scholarly editing?

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