The eContent Pro Customer Experience: An Interview With Dr. Jane Dorrian

By Justine Eby on May 5, 2022
eContent Pro
The academic writing community is as supportive as it is competitive. As a seasoned writer or aspiring author, you are most likely aware of how important choosing the right Copy Editing & Proofreading company can be to the success of your research. Working alongside editors, authors, and professional individuals, we have noticed the lack of support provided from other editorial companies, resulting in common deficiencies such as slow turnaround, overcharging, and/or low quality.

As a professional editorial services company, eContent Pro was created with the core mission to address these deficiencies. With this in mind, we place a high priority on serving our customers’ needs and providing high-quality services through the selectivity of our editorial staff and a consistent drive to improve and evolve to best meet the needs of the research community. As professionals in the academic field ourselves, every effort we make is directed toward supporting our customers in improving the chances of their manuscripts’ acceptances and enhancing their impact. With this in mind, we greatly value open communication with our staff and clientele so that we may effectively do so.

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We recently reached out to Dr. Jane Dorrian, who has graciously shared her experiences working with eContent Pro. Dr. Dorrian has been involved in a range of research projects with a focus on the early years of education. She has received the CELT Rising Award in 2008 and over the years has been involved in a range of international activities, including policy analysis. She has held several roles in the field of education and most recently is a staff tutor at the Open University.

Read Dr. Jane Dorrian’s thoughts on her experiences working with eContent Pro below.

Q: What editorial service did you receive from eContent Pro?

A: I had a book chapter that I had written copy edited ready for final submission.

Q: How would you describe the quality of the job performed by eContent Pro’s experts?

A: Excellent.

Q: How did the editorial services improve your manuscript?

A: The chapter is for a book being published in the United States, and I am an academic from the United Kingdom, so the editing service was really helpful in ‘translating’ my UK writing style and conventions into US ones. Without this service there is a possibility that my work may not have been accepted for publication.

Q: From your experience, what is the biggest strength of the editorial service?

A: The speed of turnaround and the clarity of explanation were key strengths. I liked the way that the feedback also presented a dialogue in some areas to suggest changes that could be made that encourage you to think about why you have expressed an idea in a particular way.

Q: Do you think eContent Pro’s editorial services are affordable? In your opinion, was the service provided to you worth the cost?

A: The costs were worth the service received.

Q: How would you describe the time turnaround on eContent Pro editorial services from your experience?

A: Excellent. I received my feedback well before the stated turnaround time.

Q: How can eContent Pro improve their editorial services?

A: Encourage more interaction with its social media feeds to highlight its services.

Q: Would you submit another document for eContent Pro’s editorial services?

A: Yes.

Q: Would you recommend eContent Pro’s services to a colleague or friend?

A: Yes.

We would like to thank Dr. Jane Dorrian for her valuable time and honesty. We look forward to working together in the future.

Our native English academic and scholarly editors, our editorial team, meets rigorous selection standards and continual quality control checks. As Dr. Dorrian’s addresses, our editors are able to cater to any version of the English language requested by the client as well as follow any requested formatting guidelines and requests specific to the needs of the manuscript and author. In order to ensure the changes made are clear and concise, we also provide our edits and feedback in the form of Microsoft track changes. This approach allows the editor to provide a substantial amount of valuable information that is also organized and easy to decipher. To learn more about why our editors use Microsoft track changes click here.

Finally, as experienced professionals in the academic community, we also understand the importance of timing and how it can impact the manuscript submission process. This is why all of our customers are provided with a highly competitive turnaround time on each service of 3-5 business day with expedited options as low as one-day returns.

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