How to End the Year Right by Publishing Your Work

By Samhar Almomani on Dec 27, 2022
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Academia is a competitive field, and it is hard to get your work published then noticed by others in your field. Many people think that once you get your research done, the hard part is out of the way. However, this is often not the case. Writing for academic journals is an especially competitive arena, and the journal’s reputation in the field plays a big role in whether your research will ever receive attention from other researchers in that field (The Guardian, 2015). With that being said, getting one’s work published becomes a straightforward task when one has the right tools, such as journal selection toolkits and editorial services.

There are a number of ways to get a headstart in writing your paper in order to make the publication process easier. It is recommended to start writing the paper early and work on creating the figures that will be included in the paper. Illustrations and figures are integral to a paper, but if one starts creating those figures late in the process, the creation of these figures becomes more daunting and may lead to inaccuracies or a delay in the process. There are some sections that you can get started on before you receive results from your research. For example, the background/ introduction section is often based on prior research and can usually be written without the need to include any of the results you are awaiting. While writing, make sure to focus on writing clearly, as unclear writing often slows down the publication process (Panter, n.d.).

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Editing is important to ensure that the paper lives up to the standards of the research. Therefore, you should not attempt to rush through the editing process, such as editing and writing simultaneously. It is helpful to go through your own work and change the things that you think require tweaking, but it is also recommended that you ask a colleague to go through your work and provide any suggestions that they think would improve the quality of your paper (The Guardian, 2015). It might be worthwhile to also use editorial services, such as the one offered by eContent Pro, to improve your paper’s quality and increase its likelihood of being accepted to a major academic journal. This could be anything from ensuring that your argument appears with more prominence in the paper or simply checking that the references list matches with the journal’s guidelines.

Another consideration is the timing of when to submit. If your research has yielded large amounts of data, it might be best to publish your research as two separate papers, which would allow for a faster publication of your earlier results before you can finalize your research’s data. To learn more about your options, it is a good idea to reach out and contact the journal to inquire about this route of publication. Depending on the journal, this might be a good option to consider. There are many journal selection toolkits, such as the one provided by eContent Pro, that will allow you to choose an academic journal that fits your goals and your area of research (Panter, n.d.).

In order to increase the visibility of your work, start planning marketing strategies early on, especially if you plan on publishing a book. This is an often overlooked part of the publishing process, as many people think that once the writing is done and the work is published, the work is done. However, the main point of publishing is to spread your ideas to other like-minded researchers. Without the right marketing strategies, your work is likely to get lost in a sea of published research.

As publishing is an important pillar of building a standout research profile, it is paramount to make use of available editorial services, many of which are available on the eContent Pro website. Services such as English Language Copyediting, Scientific and Scholarly Copyediting, Journal Selection, and many other related services will greatly improve your chances of getting your manuscript accepted into a journal. You will find eContent Pro’s editorial services to be top quality, turned around exceptionally quickly, and affordably priced. Here are what our satisfied customers are saying about eContent Pro Author Services:

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