Beyond the Text: Formatting the Style and Making Your Manuscript Accessible

By eContent Pro on Sep 5, 2022
The landscape of publishing and distributing content is rapidly changing, and some of the tasks long seen as being the responsibility of publishers are now expected of authors. There are many ways that an author can showcase their message through text. Indeed, many authors find that much of their time is spent on formatting their manuscript, according to a 2019 study published in PLOS ONE. Authors, because of their job, have a moral obligation to ensure that the data they are spreading is accessible. Usually, a publisher would have a legal obligation to provide this access based on the author’s work. However, with the changing environment of data distribution, this too is changing. Alt-text is an important way to make one’s work accessible for people who may not be able to visually read the text. Also, there are ways to embed other information in manuscripts, depending on the field. For example, embedding identifiers like ChemID for a manuscript related to chemistry can easily identify the cited article and other resources within that scholarly ecosystem. Learn more about adding to your manuscript’s text by reading this Scholarly Kitchen article! Journal Finder Banner As publishing is an important pillar of building a standout research profile, it is paramount to make use of available author services, many of which are available on the eContent Pro website. Services such as English Language Copyediting, Scientific and Scholarly Copyediting, Journal Selection, and many other related services will greatly improve your chances of getting your manuscript accepted into a journal. You will find eContent Pro's author services to be top quality, turned around exceptionally fast, and affordably priced. Here are what our satisfied customers are saying about eContent Pro Author Services:
“The turnaround time was amazing and much appreciated. And I have another manuscript that will need editing in the future, and I will check here first for editing.” Dr. Dianne Zielinski, Hudson Valley Community College, New York, USA
“I am thankful for the edit advice and feel that, based on the suggestions, the manuscript is stronger.” Dr. Stephanie Williams, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, USA
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