Providing Editorial Support to the Academic Research Community: Author Experiences With eContent Pro

By Jared Peterman on Apr 26, 2019
eContent Pro
Providing Editorial Support to the Academic Research Community: Author Experiences With eContent Pro

eContent Pro® is committed to providing the most trusted and well-regarded editorial services to researchers all over the world as they seek to advance the latest findings in their respective fields. When publishing academic research, it is important to ensure that you are collaborating with the right partner to support you in the editorial process, ensuring the highest level of quality and integrity for your published work.

eContent Pro® deeply appreciates customer feedback. We recently reached out to two of our valued customers from prestigious institutions worldwide who have taken advantage of eContent Pro’s English language copy editing service and provided them with a Q & A platform so that they can shed light on how this service has supported them with publication and progressing their careers.

Dr. Shigeru Ikuta (Otsuma Women’s University, Japan): Dr. Ikuta is a professor at Otsuma Women’s University, Japan. Dr. Ikuta has submitted many jobs with eContent Pro for English language copy editing in his subject expertise of science and education. He has published numerous reference books as an author and co-author focusing on education and teaching materials through IGI Global.

Professor Daniele Schilirò (University of Messina, Italy): Professor Schilirò is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Messina, Italy. He has submitted multiple jobs to eContent Pro® for English language copy editing in the business and management subject area. Professor Schilirò has been published in many journals including publications such as RedFame, ASERS, and CCSE.

Q: How would you describe the quality of the English language copy editing service performed by eContent Pro’s experts?

Prof. Schilirò: The quality is excellent.

Dr. Ikuta: Very nice! We, Japanese, are not good at English writing; your copy editing really helps me upgrade the chapter paper very nicely.

Q: How did the English language copy editing improve your manuscript?

Prof. Schilirò: In a remarkable way.

Dr. Ikuta: Every time, your copy editing really improves my paper to international standard level. Very often, your copy editors encouraged me to conduct gifted and talented school activities for students with disabilities tackled with our newly developed software and hardware.

Q: Do you feel the process of copy editing with eContent Pro® was efficient in helping you finalize your document? Explain why or why not.

Prof. Schilirò: The process of copy editing with eContent Pro® was efficient in helping me finalize my paper since it followed the author's guideline requested by the journal.

Dr. Ikuta: Yes, very much. It’s very difficult for me to use especially a participle correctly in English writing. The expression of native English writing may be indispensable to polish my chapter paper.

Q: How did eContent Pro’s English language copy editing service impact your publishing process?

Dr. Ikuta: eContent Pro® always forwarded the copy-editing process very fast and suitable. Their fee is reasonable. Of course, we have many copy-editing companies in Japan, but I can submit a document for copy editing to them (eContent Pro®) with an easy mind.

Q: Is there any other information that you would like to share with our readers regarding the impact that English Language copy editing had on your work?

Dr. Ikuta: I always hope that what I want to tell comes across to the readers. eContent Pro’s copy editing is indispensable for me to realize such hopes when I edit my books. I recommend their copy editing to Japanese authors.

We would again like to thank Dr. Shigeru Ikuta and Prof. Daniele Schilirò for sharing their experiences and insight with our readers and express our appreciation for their continued feedback to ensure that we are providing the highest quality English language copy-editing service in our commitment to the academic community.

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