An Interview With Dr. Debra Kram-Fernandez Regarding the Value of Copy-Editing Services

By eContent Pro on May 10, 2023

We recently reached out to Dr. Debra Kram-Fernandez, PhD, LCSW, who has graciously shared her experiences working with eContent Pro (eCPro). Dr. Debra Kram-Fernandez has been practicing in the fields of mental health and child and family welfare for over 25 years. She is currently faculty at the State University of New York Empire State College in the Human Service Division.

Read Dr. Debra Kram-Fernandez’s thoughts on her experiences working with eContent Pro below.

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Q: How would you describe the quality of the English language copy-editing service performed by eContent Pro’s experts?

A: I found the quality of the editing to be excellent. My chapter was accepted and published. Having the second set of eyes on the manuscript helped with my confidence in submitting the document. I wished I had utilized this service for documents prior!

Q: How did the English language copy editing improve your manuscript?

A: My recollection is that the editor caught some grammatical issues and made recommendations that strengthened the scholarly quality of the chapter. In addition, she recommended areas where I could find more current sources which I was able to do. And she recommended some organizational changes that also made the chapter stronger.

Q: Do you feel the process of copy editing with eContent Pro was efficient in helping you finalize your document? Please explain why or why not.

A: I paid a slightly higher fee for expedited service, as in having my document edited and returned with recommendations in, I believe, within 48 hours. This was a tremendous benefit!

Q: How did eContent Pro’s English language copy-editing service impact your publishing process?

A: Well, first, the publishing company to which I was submitting would only accept documents that had been professionally edited. In addition, once I submitted the document incorporating eContent Pro's recommendations to the publisher, the document was ready for publication without any further need for editing.

Q: Is there any other information that you would like to share with our readers regarding the impact that English language copy editing had on your work?

A: I had a good experience with eContent Pro. Glad you reached out. I need to access this service again. Soon and often!

We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Debra Kram-Fernandez for her valuable time and honesty. We look forward to working with her in the future.

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