AI vs. Human Copy Editing and Copywriting: Why AI Technology Cannot Replace Editorial Services

By Samhar Almomani on Jan 30, 2023
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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has gained recent interest in the media, as these technologies are now predicted to become some of the most essential services in our lives. Recent innovations in the realm of AI, such as AI assistants that provide intelligent responses, have been tweaked in recent years and now threaten the prospect of certain jobs, such as marketing agencies and assistants. There are also some websites that provide AI copy editing and copywriting services that promise the best results. However, there are still many questions that come with relying on such technology to come up with human creations, such as art and writing, and it is doubtful that AI technology as it is today can replace human innovation in these industries, especially as there appears to be a multitude of problems when it comes to creative tasks, such as writing (Chen, 2022).

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Recent AI innovations have led to the creation of AI writing software that advertises the ability to play the role of a copywriter by writing marketing content for your organization. It has been advertised that these software programs are able to write both short social media posts and longer articles. With that being said, content writers are skeptical about the ability of an AI software to replicate human writing for potential customers (Bruce, 2021). AI technology may be good for repetitive jobs that do not require critical thinking, such as driving a car, but it has been shown as unreliable when it comes to creative jobs that focus on the individual needs of a client (Flanders, 2020).

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Marketers and entrepreneurs who are responsible for businesses that depend on engagements and conversions understand how copywriting is essential to their services and ensures that their products reach the target audience (Distel, 2022).

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Technologies provided by AI copywriting services may help an organization by writing shorter pieces, as current writing software already helps content creators by informing them to tweak some of the grammar or vocabulary based on SEO information that the software takes into consideration (Bruce, 2021).

Therefore, it may be helpful to use such software to clean up a final draft that had been written by a copywriter, but AI technology has been found to be unreliable. For example, there is an AI writer called GPT-2 from OpenAI, and it is considered one of the most powerful and accurate AI writers at this time. However, it is said that GPT-2 can only produce reasonable pieces of writing half the time. This means that it is a coin toss whether you will get a reasonable, not exceptional, piece. Any copywriter knows that if they only produced reasonable pieces half the time, they would not keep their job (Flanders, 2020).

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Also, content writers have seen that AI writing software could not produce content that is both creative and original on the same level of an experienced copywriter. Companies that would like to have blogs or other content that is personalized to their own organization will not find what they need using AI writing software, as tested by other content writers. After testing AI software, content writers found that they are most helpful for the writer to use to make changes to a draft or fill up irrelevant paragraphs, but they cannot produce content that would keep your audience engaged and urge them to use your product (Bruce, 2021).

Another problem is that AI does not create content. It simply replicates content. Automated software that is currently available shows that they only research and rewrite human-written content. This means that you cannot get original, creative content when using AI technology. Therefore, when you get a piece from an AI writer, it will be replicated from another place and subpar (Flanders, 2020).

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